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I'm not so sure. If you look at his skill set, He's very athletic and can do some of the things that Reynolds does in getting contested catches, and he can also do some of the things that Jamo does as a field stretcher. I think from that standpoint, they view him as injury coverage as an outside wideout, particularly with losing the corpse of Marvin Jones to family matters. Now if either of the 3 of Reynolds, DPJ, or Jamo go down, they're still fine from a gameplaning standpoint.

Coincidentally DPJ, like Jamo, is a bit of an underachiever himself. He was one of the more hyped High School players in the state of Michigan in my recent memory (until this current #1 QB in the country at Belleville High: dynasty alert), so much so that I even went to watch DPJ play a High School playoff game, which isn't something I normally do. He went on to underwhelm at Michigan as a highly touted recruit and fell in the draft as a result. I was kind of always surprised that he didn't develop into an dominant player. Maybe the change of scenery in moving back home will be good for him. Trouble is, if he excels, he's a UFA next year so he probably ends up somewhere else.

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I'm hoping the Lions told Maxx Crosby and/or Marcus Peters to pack some extra clothes and walk right on over to the home locker room after the game

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