So annoyed the Lions didn't make the playoffs. Sure when you start 1-6, you don't have much to complain about without first pointing the finger at yourself, but getting f***ed on several calls in a game 3000 miles away in Seattle that you're not playing in is the definition of "SOL" (Same Old Lions) and/or "Detroit v. Everybody." I was so jaded after the game. I mean in a REALLY FOUL mood. I'm tired of getting jobbed by the NFL and refs, and being the "everyone is out to get us" guy that I am, I truly think the NFL set up the sechedule in a way to make it most likely that the Packers advanced, and also maximize their TV ratings simultaneously. Hear me out:

With the Seahawks winning, the Lions bubble was popped 40 minutes before kickoff and presumably being human beings, the Lions would be more likely to come out flat than if the games were played at the same time as any other league with any sort of integrity would do (they didn't, but that's a testament to Dan Campbell and the heart of the players and more importantly, besides the point.) By getting this scenario, it would make it a more likely that the Packers, who are the most marketable, audience-pulling team of the 3, would make the playoffs and also set up the Niners-Pack, which is a classic NFL matchup.

It also with a Seahawks win, maximized ratings because you had Seattle watching, Green Bay watching, and Detroit STILL watching, because we are masochist suckers. In the event that Seattle lost, the NFL still had a Sunday night game for all the marbles. It was just obvious to me that they scheduled this thing in the best interests of the NFL's coffers and not the actual competitive integrity of the league.

I was SO dejected after the Seahawks ref gift win, and I can’t for the life of me fathom how the Lions players were capable of getting up for the game. Sure, they're playing for their pride and financial security, but they're only human, and I couldn’t have did that. Even so,it was a huge game from a moral victory standpoint. Rodgers has talked a lot of shit about us, especially this year, and even in apology or clarification has been so pretentious. It was important for the future of the Lions to end the packers division, so if there are any moral victories that count, this one is it.

I just haven't "fallen in love" with a Lions team like this since probably the 90's Barry teams when I was a kid. I loved Calvin more than just about anybody, but there was always something broken with the couple of decent Calvin teams. This team has heart, is super young, and is hungry. They really made me enjoy being a fan again. I'm bummed it has to end this way and I feel like we would have been a tough out in the postseason. I really think were in the coversation for 3rd best NFC team right now, behind the Niners and Eagles and on par with the Cowboys.

Next year, Goff will probably get hurt or some stupid shit will happen where the NFL will have to make a new rule because they screwed us in some precedent-setting sort of way again, because hey, that’s who I am and how my mind operates.

I'm sending a donation for the long comment. Anyone else enjoying the content, send donations, too! That’s the only way the content keeps coming! Good times, and thanks, Chris.

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ha, thanks Tony! Appreciate that! Lions could have made a run for sure. Seahawks, almost no chance. I agree the NFL wanted Rodgers and the Packers. No excuse for those games not running simultaneously. But I knew the Lions would go all out, regardless of the outcome of the earlier game. I just regret not betting them.

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