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Well, I'm glad my Leos covered for you, but the Bucs nearly did backdoor! We we're in control of the game as I predicted for the most part, but not nearly as "in control" as I would have liked. Even when it was 10-10 and 17-17, I still felt mostly confident as we looked the better team, and most importantly, the defense was getting pressure on Baker and it seemed like we were close to making a play to break the game wide open.

Oddly, the only time I was truly nervous was when we were up 14, but the Bucs quickly drove down the field to score a TD, and go for the failed 2 point attempt. That spot is something I've seen all too many times, particularily with this team, where a team up 6 with 4 or so minutes left turtles hard, and the other team gets the ball back and drives down to win the game. I felt better after the missed 2 pointer, but that was definitely my most nervous spot.

I went to the game again, and the crowd was definitely raucous, but just a tad less so. I'm not sure if this is because of the fact that the Rams game was at night with many emotional storylines tied in, or if it was because of where I was sitting, or a combination of both.

For the Rams game, I sat in the nosebleeds with the peons (of whom I am one) as I had to spend my hard earned money to procure those insanely priced tickets. For this one, my Dad failed to sell his season tickets seats so we got to sit in the fancy section where many of the fans were pretty damn lame. My Wife, Son and I actually felt bad at times standing up while while we were on defense, but for the critical moments politely told those in behind to "eff off" with our body language. At one point, my wife apologized to the fan sitting in front of us for my Son cheering so loudly in his ear (I didn't know she did this because i would have said fuck saying anything to his lame ass), and this guy actually said to her, "Thanks for saying something."

Who are these people? I've been waiting my whole life for this and this man is older than I am. I refuse to raise my son to grow up dead in the soul like these people.

At any rate the Bucs did seem to handle the crowd much better than the Rams did, but maybe they were more prepared, or maybe the crowd was just a tad more tame. I'm not sure.

As for the incoming Niners game, I do think we match up very well with them. For one, I think we can and should be able to run on them as the Packers did. The Niners aren't great against the run and we should be able to do so with our elite O-line. Second, as good as their run game is, I think we can stop it as we have the number one rated run D in the league. The pass D is another issue, but Deebo being banged up does help out somewhat on that front.

The Lions struggle with mobile QBs. Their losses have came to Geno, Lamar, Love, Fields, and Dak(asterix). While Purdy can move in the pocket well, he isn't someone who will kill you scrambling for a first down. If the lions can get pressure, they can win.

Lastly, I feel the Goff Home/Road and Indoor/Outdoor splits are a narrative that is exagerrated big time and regurgitated by the talking heads and twitter touts. There definitely is a disparity in the splits, but he isn't trash outdoors like everyone says. This season at home he has a 107.9 rating at home and a 89.4 rating on the road. Goff career in dome/outdoors QB rating is 99.3/89.5.

Hell, 89.5 rating is a career year for Daniel Jones! So basically road "JA"red "G"off is good Daniel Jones, to put it another way.

I give us about a 35%-40% chance to beat the Niners, maybe even a smidge higher. I feel like if we do get through and the Ravens win, we would have almost no chance against them, so I am happy that of the two one seeds, the Niners are on our side. The Ravens look almost invincible to me. They've murdered every team they've played in a game that was a big spot or statement-type game, and moreover, they're just an awful matchup for us. I would be ecstatic just to be there, though. I've been waiting my whole life to see my team in the Super Bowl. I was 9 when we got destroyed by the Redskins in the NFC championship, and at my young age with Barry and rookie Herman Moore and the team we had, I thought we were going to be in this position many times.

You can't take anything for granted.

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I agree the Niners are vulnerable now. Green Bay is good, but not that good. I think the biggest worry is what happens to Goff when they get heat on him. I think you might see some bad things happen. Run game is key as getting off to a good start and being able to run it as much as they want.

Line is only 6.5/7 which implies more like 30 percent per the market too.

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Did you catch the JAG dig? haha. Probably wrote too much of an essay and buried it too deep

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I did, but didn't want to point out the bad karma for trying to dunk on my guy after a win! Portends heartbreak next week. And I realize no Lions fan would be crushed if they lose on the road to SF -- unless they have it won, and something very unlucky happens. Hopefully, my saying it just reversed jinxed it for your sake!.

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haha thanks for the positive juju

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