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Fix was in on the Lions game. I'm assuming you watched the 5 min highlights version. It was in the pantheon of worst calls in NFL history, which is par for the course for the Lions. We were clearly the better team in all three phases of the game, bad calls throughout, with the end taking the cake. Totally screwed out of the 2 seed and a shot at the 1 seed. Now the NFL gets their wish and will almost certainly have the Lions host the Rams in the playoffs, something I prophetically predicted here months ago.

At least Ceedee going off helped in large part to me winning 10k in Best Ball which is the biggest score in my lifetime since my pokerstars days. I know however, that I am a sick, twisted, Lions fan for sure because in the moment I was bitter throughout and after that game, despite Ceedee going bananas.

I do think that we will get a fair shake vs. Rams, so no complaints if we lose, I guess. but if we win, it's likely we would play Dallas in Dallas and not Detroit, the frauds that they are.

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I did just watch that and heard only about the ref show at the end.

The three seed is okay. They showed they could win in Dallas, and they'll get the first game indoors too. I don't trust Goff in SF, but stranger things have happened.

Congrats on the 10K!

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